What kind of coaching support are you looking for?

Professional support

Senior leaders,  mid-career leader/managers and key staff engage in 1:1 professional coaching to achieve objectives like these:  
  • Improve my leadership confidence and performance
  • Grow my skills and strategies to move tricky situations forward
  • Support me to manage change, resilience, survival in challenging environments
  • Grow my cultural capability and engagement through cultural supervision
  • Build performance in my team and manage poor performers up or out
  • Manage complex dynamics that immobilise me.

Personal support

Sometimes leaders request an element of personal support in our work together.  This can include providing support for things like:
  • Exploring challenging life situations and being more resilient within them
  • Managing difficult emotions or personality traits more positively
  • Making life changes
  • Regaining hope and sparkle.

Team or Group Support

Sometime leaders request support to help their teams, whānau and communities talk.   This can involve working alongside leaders to:
  • Develop teams
  • Facilitate whānau hui or family meetings
  • Run public talks or occasional workshops.

How does coaching work?

Regular sessions are essential to deliver the growth you are looking for.  If the sessions are too few, or too far apart, coaching is unlikely to be effective in the long run.   

To make a strong start coaching generally begins with weekly sessions which can move to fortnightly if/when you are ready for that.   Once you have achieved your objectives we move to a monthly maintenance support so you keep growing and have the support you need to stay on top.

Sessions are delivered on-line via Zoom or Skype and run for around an hour. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. 

Alternatively you may want to select one of these options:

1 session to take a look at something specific.
A series of 4 sessions to dig deep into an immediate, pressing issue.
Regular coaching support for 6 or 12 months to achieve deep growth.
Ongoing regular monthly support to develop practice and competence.
Karen Clarke, The Talk Shop, Professional coaching, business support
Karen with Anaru Marshall, Transition Manager at Te Kāhui Maru Trust

How much does coaching cost?

Price is part of our initial conversation and depends on a number of factors such as who’s paying and the number of sessions sought.  Let’s talk.

What I can tell you though is that I wont tie you into long-term coaching contracts enticed with a lot of hypy extras like special offers, video content or Facebook group activity.   This is not the approach we take.  We prefer a deep, 1:1 relationship-based approach.  We focus on moving forward from wherever you are right now and offer strong cost:growth value per session. 

I'm in. How do we get started?

We set up an online  “meet and greet” session.    There is no charge for this.  You can use the email form or chat button below to contact me and set up this up.   

This initial meeting is your chance to tell me what you are looking for in a coach and what you want to achieve through coaching.  During this conversation you and I will gauge if we would like to work together.   

If we are each comfortable to proceed, we enter a simple coaching agreement that clarifies what you want to achieve, each of our roles and expectations, terms and conditions.   Once that’s sorted, we schedule our sessions and get into it.  

Please note there may be a wait list if all coaching slots are currently full.


The Talk Shop is not a mental health provider or counseling service.   If you require clinical support e.g a medical professional, a psychologist or counsellor to work through heavy duty issues such as health needs, crisis, couple counselling, trauma, family violence or depression please access the appropriate service or crisis helpline.